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Creating Distinction in Seating — Keeping America at Work

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There are plenty of reasons to choose us!!

Selecting a seating manufacturer is an important decision. At American Contract Seating we offer an exceptional custom product–– on time and on budget. We combine old-world craftmanship with new technology to give your custom wood furniture needs a competitive edge.

Keeping America at Work KEEPING AMERICA AT WORK

American Contract Seating and World Wide Draperies is pleased to advise that we are moving our operations back to Miami. It has been our goal to resume production of our fine products in the United States - effective August 10, 2015 that goal will be a reality.


Our client list is long. Our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction each step of the way. We work closely with our clients–building lasting relationships–allowing us to anticipate needs and fill expectations.


We are three generations of builders, designers and craftsmen dedicated to producing not just furniture, but works of art. Our history of providing in-line, custom wood and upholstered seating for the hospitality, cruise line and health care industries continues to provide beautifully designed pieces – bringing visions to life.

  • ACS does not outsource our frames to other companies - we produce our wood frames to your specification within our own factory.
  • We formulate and spray our own finishes within our factory
  • Production is started with the receipt of your signed CAD drawings - not with the receipt of your fabric. We maintain an 8-10 week lead time from the CAD approvals while our competition is awaiting your fabric to start production.


We deliver a comprehensive knowledge of traditional furniture construction methods, coupled with the latest in computer set-up, design and manufacturing allows us to complete your job with precision.


Customization is our number one request. Guest rooms, suites, lounges or lobbies – built to your specifications, on time and within budget is our corporate focus. Unlimited options and one goal in mind – Creating Distinction in Seating, one piece at a time.


Commitment to the 3 “R”s
•REDUCE consumption, waste, and pollutions.
•REUSE what we have.
•RECYCLE everything we can.